Molotov Cocktail Party

In late 2002 famous Polish journalist, writer & traveler Max Cegielski gathered a group of friends to form an ‘oriental’ DJ collective named Masala Soundsystem (Masala = mixture). Their main idea in terms of music was to present a thrilling selection of folk-soaked party tracks from various parts of the world, totally omitted by the ‘mainstream’ media. Their main idea in terms of philosophy was to show that cultural differences between nations and races don't have to be a source of conflicts - they can form basis for a fascinating musical dialogue led in the area of music and common joy instead. And guess what? IT WORKED! :)

In the following years, numerous DJ’s, instrumentalists, vocalists, MC’s, VJ's and dancers from various parts of Polish and international musical scene came across the ranks of Masala. Apart from being a sound system, the collective has become a regular band, releasing 3 LP’s and 3 EP’s full of original, eclectic music. However, it didn't mean that members of the group dropped the soundsystem form. During 10 years of its activity so far apart from numerous concerts Masala played around 500 successful parties around Poland, including residing in popular clubs of Warsaw & Cracow as well as being a part of huge festivals with numerous spectators. Since 2011 parties played by members of Masala are named MOLOTOV COCKTAIL PARTY, so no one will mistake them with Masala concerts.

What may you expect entering Molotov Cocktial Party played by Masala? Balkan Beats, Klezmer Hip-Hop, Tropical, Moombahton, Asian Underground, Shanson, Metizso, World Music, Gypsy Punk, Kuduro, Bhangra, Bollywood & more! Musical selection flows from Balkans thru Maghreb to Punjab & Bollywood, making some wild jumps to Izrael, Hungary, Brazil, Ukraine, Romania, Angola, Colombia and hundreds of other places where people make music-to-dance-to inspired by local folklore. Molotov Cocktail Party are DJ'e that guarantee perfect selection and smooth mix of various kinds of World Music. Molotov Cocktail Party are MC's rising the heat on the dancefloor by controlling the mic in a proper way. Molotov Cocktail Party are master musicians playing on all kinds of oriental instruments. Molotov Cocktail Party are oriental dance performances and mind-blowing visuals. We've got it all - and much more! Check it yourself - come to the club where we play and catch the fire on the dancefloor started by Molotov Cocktail Party! ;)

During 10 years of activity Masala Soundsystem / Molotov Cocktail Party resided in popular Polish clubs like Punkt (Warsaw, 2002 - 2007), Jadłodajnia Filozoficzna (Warsaw, 2008 - 2009), Nowy Wspaniały Świat (Warsaw, 2010), Chwila (Warsaw, 2011 - ?) or Prozak (Cracow, 2003 - 2009).

Masala Soundsystem / Molotov Cocktail Party also played huge New Year's Eve parties in Warsaw, Gdansk & Cracow. They were also a part of big events like Era Nowe Horyzonty film festival (Cieszyn, 2005), 10th birthday of CANAL+ Poland (Warsaw, 2006), Science Fair of Centrum Nauki Kopernik & Polish Radio (Warsaw, 2008), Planete Doc Review opening parties (Warszawa, PKiN, 2010) or an afterparty following successfully blocking the neo-fascist so-called "Independence March" (Warsaw, CDQ, 2010) - and many more! While playing parties members of Masala shared stage with the likes of Aiwa (Canada), Mittu Sain (Pakistan) or Irie Revoltes (Germany / France). In soundsystem form they also took part in some of biggest Polish festivals like One Love Festival (Wrocław, 2007), Reggaeland Festival (Płock, 2009), Festiwal Re:Wizje (Warszawa, 2009) or Cracow Reggae Festival (Cracow, 2010).



As Molotov Cocktail Party / Masala Soundsystem

- Regular parties in Prozak / Cracow / 2003 - 2007

- Regular parties in Punkt / Warsaw / 2003 - 2005

- Regular parties in Jadłodajnia Filozoficzna / Warsaw / 2006 - 2009

- Regular parties in Nowy Wspaniały Świat / Warsaw / 2009 - 2010

- Regular parties in Chwila / Warsaw / 2011 - ?

- New Year's Eve party in Prozak / Cracow / 2006

- New Year's Eve party in Żak / Gdańsk / 2007

- Party in CDQ w/ AIWA [FRA] / Warsaw / 2007

- One Love Festival / Wrocław / 2007

- Party in Punkt w/ Mittu Sain [PAK] / Warsaw / 2008

- Science Fair of Centrum Nauki Kopernik & Polish Radio / Warsaw / 2008

- Reggaeland Festival / Płock / 2009

- Festiwal Re:Wizje / 1500m2, Warsaw / 2009

- Cracow Reggae Festival / Cracow / 2010

- Opening party of Planete Doc Review (for the guests of festival) / Warsaw / 2010

- Opening party of Planete Doc Review (for the public of festival) / Warsaw / 2010

- City Days / Ryki / 2010

- Party after blocking neo-fascist "Independence March" w/ Irie Revoltes [FRA] / Warsaw / 2010

- Late New Year's Eve Party in Stacja Orunia / Gdańsk / 2011

and many more...



As Molotov Cocktail Party / Masala Soundsystem

Punkt / Warsaw

Jadłodajnia Filozoficzna / Warsaw

Chwila / Warsaw

Kamieniołomy / Warsaw

Nowy Wspaniały Świat / Warsaw

1500m2 / Warsaw

Depozyt 44 / Warsaw

Zwiąż Mnie / Warsaw

Żak / Gdańsk

Sfinks / Sopot

Atelier / Sopot

Prozak / Cracow

Żaczek / Cracow

Kloster / Tychy

Zanzibar / Chorzów

Oko Miasta / Katowice

Droga do Mekki / Wrocław

Eskulap / Poznań

Fama / Białystok

Cax Mafe / Lublin

Graffiti / Lublin

Mózg / Bydgoszcz

Art Cafe / Toruń

Ampstrong / Zakopane

Jazgot / Szklarska Poręba

Iron Horse / Lubań

and many more...